Tournament/Outing Contests

Closest to the Pin (Par 3’s): This is a popular Las Vegas golf event contest to have for any size group. Las Vegas National will provide a proximity sign marker for your contest. The golfer that hits his or her shot closest the pin is awarded the winner. Some groups will have separate contests for men and ladies but it is not always necessary.

Closest to the Pin in 3 (Par 5’s): This is a popular event contest to hvae for your team events. Las Vegas National will provide a proximity sign marker for your contest. The team that hits closest to the pin in three shots is awarded the winner.

Longest Drive: This is similar to the closest to the pin contest. In this golf contest, the prize is awarded to the player who hits the longest drive on a designated hole. Again, Las Vegas National will provide the proximity sign marker for you. The winning drive must remain in the fairway. It is recommended that a separate contest be held for men and women for this type of event.

Straightest Drive: In this contest, a line is drawn down the center of the fairway with either chalk or rope. The winner is designated by the player who hits his or her tee shot closest to the line. Accuracy, not distance, is the objective here!

Longest Putt: This golf event contest can be held on any green. The winner of this event is awarded based on the player who sinks the longest putt on the designated green. 

Beat the Pro: For this contest, the object is obviously to “Beat the Pro!” Las Vegas National will provide one of our PGA Professionals on a par three. The participants can wager any amount of money from $5 to $100. In the tradition of Las Vegas, if the participant hits his or her shot closer to the hole than our professional, they will be rewarded double their wager in golf shop gift certificates. If they do not beat the pro, they still get their wager back in golf shop gift certificates. So you can’t lose! This is a fun way for your participants to take their chances against one of our PGA Professionals. 

Hone-in-One (Par 3’s): The most dramatic shot in golf, the Hole-in-One. Make your event memorable by obtaining Hole-in-One insurance to give away great prizes for this once in a lifetime shot, prizes can be anything you want including cash, motorcycles, or cars. Additional prizes are usually offered on the remaining par 3’s for a hole-in-one by the insurance company.

Create Your Own Golf Events: It is our pleasure to assist you in creating any special contests you may want for your event.

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