Course Tour

Hole 1 - Runway

Par 5 – Handicap 9

The opening hole is a dogleg right par 5 at 520 yards. A generous fairway greets you, but avoid the two large bunkers on the right side. Your second shot plays to a narrowing fairway, and the green is guarded by a gaping front bunker. A lake right of the green will gather in any stray shots. Catch the bunker back and you’re playing downhill toward the lake. Once you arrive, the two tie forward green makes putting tough, and par is a good score to start your round. Voted “Favorite First Hole” Las Vegas Review Journal, 2008.


Forward 467
Middle 491
Back 513
Professional 533

Hole 2 - Inside Straight

Par 4 – Handicap 5

Number 2 is a short par 4 sweeping gently to the right. 2 large bunkers guard the right side of the fairway along the tree line. The green slopes back to front so a crisp iron shot will hold. Another good chance for a par.


Forward 321
Middle 366
Back 393
Professional 417

Hole 3 - Cross-creek

Par 3 – Handicap 13

This is the first of five par threes at National. You’ll play uphill over Knott’s Creek to a two-tiered putting surface. The green slopes back to front, so make sure you take enough club and fly it all the way to the hole. Three is a good score here, but you can take five if you find the bunkers.


Forward 113
Middle 148
Back 174
Professional 202

Hole 4 - Downtown

Par 5 – Handicap 11

This second par five on the front sweeps gently downhill then hangs a left. Mature trees line both sides of the fairway, which slopes towards Knott’s Creek. Bunkers surround the green, which is also tiered. This is your first good birdie opportunity.


Forward 431
Middle 481
Back 502
Professional 529


Hole 5 - Stratosphere

Par 4 – Handicap 15

Look up to your left, yep, that’s the Stratosphere. You’ll need to hit a good one off this tee because it’s at least 200 yards in the air to clear Knott’s Creek. The second shot plays uphill to another 2 tiered green, with a gaping bunker guarding the front. Don’t be fooled into shooting at the right front pin position; play to the center of the green and take 2 putts.


Forward 237
Middle 286
Back 329
Professional 364


Hole 6 - Gamblers Corner

Par 4 – Handicap 1

Your first real test of the day. A good drive will leave you about 170 yards in. Bunkers guard both sides and the rear of this green, requiring an accurate approach shot. It’s a very difficult up and down from the bunkers, so pay attention to your shot to the green. Once there, you’ll find an undulating green sloping back to front. 


Forward 370
Middle 389
Back 420
Professional 440

Hole 7 - Fandango

Par 4 – Handicap 7

You’ll play straight-away through a chute of trees and try to avoid bunkers lining both sides of the fairway. Your second shot plays much more uphill than it appears, so take enough club and trust your yardage. It really is an easy hole, so make an aggressive play on your approach to set up birdie.


Forward 330
Middle 369
Back 388
Professional 402

Hole 8 - Mural

Par 3 – Handicap 17

This scenic par 3 plays a solid 175 yards from the back tees. The lake off the bunker guards the front right of the putting surface. This 3 tiered green offers a variety of great pin placements.


Forward 114
Middle 152
Back 171
Professional 190

Hole 9 - Straight Flush

Par 4 – Handicap 3

A great par 4 to close out the front nine. Accuracy off the tee is paramount. Knock it into the bunker on the right, and you’ll be laying up. Yank one into the trees left, and you’re firing up the chain saw. This shallow green is guarded by a large, deep-faced bunker. Get away with any number 5 or better and head for the snack bar.


Forward 319
Middle 358
Back 404
Professional 425

Hole 10 - Easy Street

Par 4 – Handicap 12

The back nine starts with a gentle dogleg left at just 375 yards. The two bunkers left really aren’t in play unless you get careless and quick off the tee. Favor the right side with your tee shot for the best look. A short iron will be your play to a very small narrow green, flanked by bunkers. 


Forward 344
Middle 370
Back 384
Professional 403


Hole 11 - Black Jack

Par 3 – Handicap 18

The first par 3 on the back plays a solid 180 yards form the tips. There is a giant bunker guarding the front and right of this kidney-shaped green. The smart play is to take one more club and play to the center of the green. From there, a two-putt is not too tough. 

Forward 137
Middle 151
Back 167
Professional 179

Hole 12 - Total Stress

Par 4 – Handicap 2

Your first test on the back. At 420 yards, this hole plays uphill all the way. Bunkers left and water right will test the accuracy of the tee shot. Once you’ve found the fairway, be sure to take at least one more club for your uphill approach, which takes the front hazards out of play.


Forward 324
Middle 340
Back 394
Professional 426

Hole 13 - Roulette

Par 4 – Handicap 16

One of the most scenic holes at National, it offers the ultimate in risk-reward. Your best play is with a mid-iron to the left side of the fairway. However, that green sure does not look inviting, and you might want to go for it. Be careful though, because the bunker short right of the green is CONNECTED TO the water hazard. It’s inviting but play smart, take your par, and go to the next hole.


Forward 280
Middle 288
Back 305
Professional 329

Hole 14 - Bet A Long Shot

Par 3 – Handicap 8

Tough slightly uphill Par 3 with bunker trouble on both sides of this kidney shaped green.

If the pin is in the front watch the speed if your above it.  If the pin is back take 2 extra clubs more then your normal carry distance.


Forward 113
Middle 141
Back 188
Professional 233

Hole 15 - Time To Press

Par 5 – Handicap 4

Here is a good birdie opportunity to set up the finish. The lake on your right will gather up anything leaking that way. Once you’ve found the fairway, play up to a comfortable distance for your approach. The green is well bunkered, but you can get it close with a crisp short iron. The contoured green can be tricky, so make sure you get a good read.

Forward 492
Middle 504
Back 521
Professional 546

Hole 16 - Double Down

Par 3 – Handicap 10

Now the fun begins. This is a tough par 3 at 215 yards from the back tees. It’s all uphill to a difficult green. The huge bunker front and right forces you to bail out left, but be careful, it’s a tough up and down from that left bunker. Three is a very good number here.


Forward 141
Middle 161
Back 186
Professional 214

Hole 17 - The Flats

Par 4 – Handicap 14

One of the more picturesque holes at National. You’ll drive over Knott’s Creek and try to get it up onto the flat. Your approach is uphill to a very shallow green, so try to bring it in high and soft. Two distinct tiers make this putting surface one of our best.


Forward 206
Middle 222
Back 300
Professional 351

Hole 18 - Casino

Par 5 – Handicap 6

The finishing hole. At 535 yards, this par 5 meanders around two lakes. Avoid the first on your drive, the second shot has options, lay up left of the 150-yard pole to set up the approach or carry the second lake which leaves a short wedge or pitch to the green. The three-tiered green allows you to fly it all the way to the hole. Everything breaks back toward the lake, and you can be more aggressive with your putt. 

Forward 436
Middle 471
Back 506
Professional 538

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